Printed Circuit Board Assembly – Detroit

ETI has been partnering with manufacturing companies in the Greater Detroit area for more than 20 years. Understanding the unique needs of our Mo-town area OEMs has helped set ETI apart as the region’s preferred Electronic Contract Manufacturer. Detroit companies recognize the quality and responsiveness that ETI brings to the table and they turn to us time and again for their PCBA needs. With local representation by Sportiva LLC, ETI is able to offer a personalized approach and local contact to area manufacturers looking to outsource all or a portion of their PCBA assembly.

ETI specializes in manufacturing PCBAs using fully automated, state-of-the-art surface mount (SMT) and pin-through-hole (PTH) equipment. With capacity of over 1 million boards per year, ETI is uniquely positioned to take on high mix, medium volume projects with industry leading quality assurances and competitive pricing. Value-add programs include special stocking arrangements, Kan-ban order fulfilment, JIT production and a variety of tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. Manufacturing to IPC-A-610 Class II and III standards, ETI employs Automated Optical Inspection, BGA X-Ray testing and a variety of high tech inspection and testing equipment.

    • SMT, PTH and Mixed Technology
    • AOI, X-Ray, Flying Probe Inspection
    • Fine Pitch, BGA and Chip Placement to 0201
    • RoHS, UL, CSA and FDA Compliant
    • Conformal Coating and Potting

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Electronic Technologies International (ETI) would love to meet your printed circuit board assembly needs. Proudly calling Wisconsin home, we are happy to serve several areas in Wisconsin and Illinois by providing high-quality circuit board assemblies. We can offer a diverse assortment of circuit board assembly sizes and configurations.

What Is A Printed Circuit Board Assembly?

A printed circuit board assembly uses circuit board wire and other conductors to sustain and connect electronic mechanisms. Copper sheets are layered together, and etching or laminating is done on the surface to join interconnected circuits and therefore provide support to a variety of electronic products. Other electronic components, including chips, are attached to the circuit boards to create the complete circuit board assembly. While circuit board assemblies take more effort to design and create, they are far more reliable than any comparable product. When you choose Electronic Technologies International to design your printed circuit board assembly for you, you are sure to be happy with the variety of options and the quality of the product.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Process

ETI ensures that the highest quality is maintained throughout the entire process of your printed circuit board assembly and production. The first part of the circuit board assembly process is to apply solder paste to the component board. This is necessary so that certain areas can be soldered later on.

During the second stage of the process, a machine selects the components for the circuit board and places them in the precise place on the board. The paste continues to hold the components in place until the soldering process begins, which occurs in the third step. The most common forms of soldering include reflow and wave soldering.

The fourth stage is inspection. Some printed circuit boards are inspected manually while other more complex boards require machines to do optical inspections. After the inspection, the final step is to test the printed circuit board. There are several ways to electronically test the completed printed circuit board assembly.

Custom Options

ETI provides exceptional service and can offer a variety of general capability options for your custom designed printed circuit board assembly. For instance, you can choose single- or double-sided designs as well as surface mount technology, advanced through-hole technology, or mixed technology. We offer fine pitch and chip placement, as well as rapid prototyping.

We also provide several circuit board construction options, including a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. We can supply custom and standard transformers, and we can employ fabrication for a variety of metals and shapes. You can choose any panel size you need, from small to large, and we can provide custom silkscreen printing and product identification labeling.

ETI: Exceptional Circuit Board Manufacturing Company

ETI proudly serves companies across a wide range of industries making us more versatile than most other circuit board manufacturing companies. If you would like to learn more about us, our services, and what we can do for to meet your printed circuit board assembly needs, contact us today! микрозаймы в новокузнецке деньги напрокат

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Look to ETI for variety of configurations, sizes, and mix of technologies.