Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Apple Valley, Minnesota

Electronic Technologies International, Inc. (ETI) is an industry leader as an electronic manufacturing company supporting OEMs in Apple Valley, Minnesota. For over 25 years, ETI has been delivering electronic manufacturing services to leading companies in Apple Valley, Minnesota and surrounding areas and assisting businesses and organizations of all sizes. From the Department of Defense to the medical industry, ETI has delivered results with a commitment to quality and service for all customers.

If your company needs custom-built electronics, EMS outsourcing, panel subassembly, multi-conductor interface cable assembly, or a reliable electronics manufacturing company as a partner, Electronic Technologies International, Inc. can help your Apple Valley, Minnesota business with all electronics manufacturing needs.

Learn more about what makes Electronic Technologies International, Inc. the leader in printed circuit board assembly and electronics manufacturing in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Whatever electronics manufacturing need you have, ETI can help.

State of the Art Facility

Electronic Technologies International, Inc. has a 32,000 square foot ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility, equipped with state of the art wire processing equipment and PCBA equipment. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, ETI is excited to become an electronic manufacturing partner to various companies in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Industry Leading Services

ETI is an electronics manufacturing company supporting Apple Valley, Minnesota and can provide your business with all of the electronics manufacturing needs it has. From full turn-key system integration to labor-only assemblies, ETI can assist with the industry challenges your company faces.

See how Electronic Technologies International, Inc. can help your business succeed with the following electronics solutions in Apple Valley, Minnesota. If your company needs a reliable electronic manufacturing partner, inquire within to learn how ETI can help.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

ETI specializes in manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) from companies in Apple Valley, Minnesota. By using only the best, fully-automated, state of the art surface mount (SMT) and pin-through-hole (PTH) equipment, ETI sets itself apart as an industry leader in electronics manufacturing.

ETI is capable of manufacturing over 1 million circuit boards and completing the entire printed circuit board assembly, making it capable of taking on high mix, medium volume projects without compromising on industry quality assurances. ETI offers competitive pricing for all Apple Valley, Minnesota customers.

ETI also provides value-add programs, including specialized stocking arrangements, Kan-ban order fulfilment, JIT production, and a number of other uniquely tailored solutions for your company's individual requirements.

Does your company need specialized printed circuit boards to fill customer needs or otherwise improve your business? Or could you benefit from our printed circuit board assembly to save you time and money? With Apple Valley, Minnesota turnkey PCBA equipment, ETI will develop and manufacture your printed circuit boards with only the best manufacturing solutions available.

Electronic Technologies International, Inc. also specializes in a large variety of other customized PCBAs to meet your needs:

Complete Box Build Assembly Solutions

Full system integration and complete build solutions for OEMs in Apple Valley, Minnesota with ETI is where everything comes together. A certified UL508A panel manufacturer, ETI box build assemblies and wire harness assemblies are made possible with a vertically integrated supply chain. Depending on the order of the customer, circuit boards, wire harnesses, and more may be made in other divisions of ETI and put together in the box build assembly division.

When you need a fully functioning unit, rather than components to complete or change your existing electronics structure, the complete box build solutions division of ETI is the key to simplifying your needs. When utilizing ETI's full system integration for complete box build assembly, your business can enjoy fully functional electronics without having to spend a lot of time designing and testing them yourself.

With ETI, managing part numbers, vendors, and the delivery and shipping process is streamlined in-house. The entire process from start to finish is managed by ETI's highly trained and professional assembly team for all of your EMS outsourcing needs.

ETI is capable of manufacturing to IPC Class II and III standards. You can rest assured knowing that all products will be consistent in both performance and quality. During the development and manufacturing of your complete build, programming and functional tests are conducted as needed by ETI to ensure that the delivery of your product will be complete and meet all of your standards.

ETI provides the following and more for its complete box build solutions division:

Wire Harness Assembly & Cable Assembly

In today's digital era, the needs of the electronics industry continue to rise. Electronic Technologies International, Inc. is uniquely equipped to handle all wire harness assembly and manufacturing needs.

ETI is a fully accredited ISO9001:2008 facility and all harnesses are constructed to IPC-WHMA-A-620 Class II and III standards. From 28 AWG to 250 MCM, when manufacturing with ETI, no cable or harness is too large or too small for assembly. ETI's wire harness assembly division is capable of handling all types of industry needs and specifications that your business requires.

By utilizing solid agreements with suppliers and vendors, ETI is able to provide services at much lower component pricings and total product costs. With highly efficient work cells and different wire processing equipment, ETI is cable of manufacturing wire harnesses at any quantity and complexity to fulfill your order.

ETI's extensive knowledge of the industry enables the construction of harness assembly and cable assembly in Apple Valley, Minnesota with only the highest quality tools and processes, to ensure that the finished products are delivered on time, to specification, and at competitive costs.

Electronic Technologies International, Inc. offers the following features for wire harnesses, cable assembly, panel subassembly, and more:

Wire Harness Assembly and Cable Assembly Applications

ETI can be utilized in Apple Valley, Minnesota for all wire harness assembly and cable assembly applications, from simple applications such as battery cables to more complex control harnesses. With decades of experience and a team of highly trained experts, all ETI products are manufactured to high quality workmanship standards (IPC Class II and III) in order to deliver results that meet your exact specifications with consistency.

Between high mix/low volume to low mix/high volume orders, ETI is equipped and ready to handle your Apple Valley, Minnesota business needs, while saving you money and increasing manufacturing efficiency.

ETI provides the following wire harness and cable assembly services:

Inquire within to learn more about what makes ETI an industry leader for manufacturing wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and all cable outsourcing needs.

Quality and Inspection

ETI delivers only the best of electronic manufacturing services without compromising on quality standards. By serving high tier clients like the industries for Department of Defense, high tech controls, medical devices, electric utilities, construction, agriculture, automotive, and more, ETI knows what our clients need in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

Electronic Technologies International, Inc. understands the importance of having all printed circuit board assembly, cable assembly, turnkey system integration systems, and electronics function without the risk of failing. Some industries are highly dependent on the electronics that make them effective and ETI understands that their clients need them to have the smallest possible chance at failing.

ETI assembles to workmanship standards of IPC-A 610 Class II and III, IPC-WHMA-A620 Class II and III and is a UL 508a Certified Panel Shop. Ensuring that the entire facility assembles to specific workmanship standards helps to assure Apple Valley, Minnesota businesses that any and all electronics contract manufacturing needs are met with only the highest level of service.

Electronic Technologies International, Inc. also uses the following quality and inspection practices and features during assembly:


For over 25 years, ETI has been serving a wide range of industries by providing outstanding service to all clients. ETI is capable of serving any Apple Valley, Minnesota industry that requires any electronics to be manufactured. Below are the most popular industries needing ETI's electronics contract manufacturing.

While these industries are the most common that utilize ETI's service, any industry that has unique requests or has very specific requirements for electronic manufacturing services can utilize ETI in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

If your business can benefit from improved electronics, inquire within at Electronic Technologies International, Inc. We can help a business improve their electronics infrastructure so that their business can become more effective, deliver better results for customers and clients, improve employee efficiency, reduce human error, improve electronic/digital consistencies, and more.

Customized Inventory and Stocking

ETI helps Apple Valley, Minnesota customers meet their own business demands during short-term demand fluctuations. With customized inventory and stocking solutions, your business can rely on ETI for any specific inventory and stocking requests to give you the flexibility to have control on the manufacturing, assembly, and delivery of your electronics.

Become an Industry Leader

Electronic Technologies International, Inc. is an industry leader of manufacturing electronics and components. ETI offers services in Apple Valley, Minnesota to help companies of all sizes and throughout all industries improve their business through various electronics manufacturing services. Give us a call today for all of your EMS outsourcing needs.

Through Electronic Technologies International, Inc., your business can improve its electronics interfaces and infrastructure or deliver higher quality electronics to customers and clients. By improving the standards your business operates by and the quality of service (through improved business efficiency, higher quality products, and improved business practices), your business can set itself apart from competitors and establish itself as a leading expert in your industry.

Whatever your electronics manufacturing needs are, no matter how unique, how small, or how large, Electronic Technologies International, Inc. is your go-to leader in Apple Valley, Minnesota.